About us


Is a progressive architecture studio focused on the field of architecture, urbanism and design in different scales and contexts. It arises as a result of the work developed since 2016 and the search for innovative responses to modern architecture in Portugal. It takes advantage of technological solutions that allow effective control of details in all phases of the project and construction, with the creation of the detailed specifications and 3D architecture.

It is a space for research, study, deconstruction and preparation for the different problems of the unique realities of societies.

The architectural project is the search for the best answer to the pretensions of the human being, the context and the codes that translate into a program. The result is the combination of the client's desires, the place where he will intervene, the regulations, the m2 price (among others) that the architect recognizes, deconstructs, and aggregates into the ideal solution.

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Attention to detail and willingness to innovate


Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto in 2014. He collaborated in several offices, such as Central de Arquitectos or Floret Arquitetura, where he developed residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and schools' architecture projects, in national and international territory. In addition to the development of modern projects, he was responsible for forming teams in BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology.

In 2020 he completes his international master in BIM and also works as a consultant in this area. This methodology works with three-dimensional models, which also serves as a repository of construction information. Allows errors to be minimized, streamlines the necessary parts, and improves coordination between specialties. Assists in the creation of 3D images of the project, allowing the client to easily visualize the future work.


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