In this section we want to answer in a simple way some of the frequently asked questions related to the architecture and construction of your project. If you have any questions that have not been clarified, please go to contact and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Is it worth hiring an architect?

More than the academic and legal qualifications to develop projects, due to his comprehensive training, the architect is able to coordinate the entire process. This avoids the client taking decisions on a subject he does not have to know, consequently saving money.

The architect will also be the person who gives shape and personality to the client's will. He will be protecting the client from possible mistakes, taking into account important things such as sun exposure, lighting, the most appropriate materials, the fitting of different elements, among many others. This entire process requires knowledge, involvement, and monitoring, so this relationship allows the owner to be freed from worries.

How to choose an architect?

Choosing a good professional will always be subjective. There are some factors that can help you choose the one that best suits your needs: search the website or social networks for works that meet your tastes and what you want; talk to the professional and ensure that he/she tries to understand what concerns you, clarifies your doubts, and explains the whole process that will take place; compare budgets to ensure that the services offered are the same, are explicit, and discriminate what is included or excluded.

How much is the cost of an architectural project?

The most frequently asked question is this one. Hiring a specialist may, at first, seem like a big investment. However, throughout the process the architect helps to make decisions that optimize the value spent. He constantly seeks the best quality/price ratio in the different construction options, so in the end there will be savings by involving the architect.

To prepare the fees, we calculate the hours required for the desired degree of complexity, travel costs adjusted to the needs of the work, difficulties inherent in the terrain, and legal conditions. We always present a clear and detailed value in a detailed proposal.

Advantages of having a personalized project?

Building or renovating your space, be it residential or commercial, will always have the advantage of being adapted to your needs. Each family, or each business, is unique, which must be taken into account. In addition, you have the opportunity to outline the budget from the beginning, and our office will develop the project taking this important factor into account.

What are the phases of an architectural project, in Portugal?

Within architecture there are several projects:

  • preliminary study: together with the client we work to arrive at the desired shape, spaces and functionality, taking into account all the conditions of the land and legislation;
  • Licensing: continuing the elements developed in the previous study, legal requirements are met by presenting designed and written pieces in the municipality where the land is located;
  • Execution project: construction details are built, where all types and quantities of materials to be used in construction are described. Although this project is optional, we recommend our customers to do it, as it will be the basis for the preparation of the map of quantities and respective budget of the contractor. It is the tool to prevent the budget from slipping.

What services does your office provide?

In addition to architectural projects, preparing 3D images , and/or construction monitoring, we work with partners for topography, specialty projects (engineering) and construction. Thus, we can present solutions tailored to the customer's needs.

Where do you work?

Although we are based in the North of Portugal, we can do work for any region of the country or abroad.

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