• Customer: Privado
  • Area: 301m²
  • Year: 2022-
  • Location: Braga
  • Sector: Residential
  • Phase: Inital study

The project reflects the relationship that the clients and the architect developed over a year in which it was necessary to wait and participate in the parallel process of acquiring the land, since as architects we participate and work with clients to inform and guide them in making decisions which may influence the development of the project. As soon as we were able to proceed with the preliminary study, meetings were held to discuss and approve the proposal.

Our work method, combining BIM methodology with computer design, allowed us to verify the number of hours of natural light in each compartment and, from there, adapt the layout of the interior spaces in order to enhance the reduction of costs associated with air conditioning, in addition to the necessary comfort of the inhabitants.

The single-family house is developed in one floor, taking advantage of the natural configuration of the land and thus not introducing extraordinary costs to the construction. Volumetrically, the project is developed in two non-perpendicular volumes that form an open space that welcomes whoever enters the house. This is the moment that marks the arrival, allows the visual exploration of the social space and forces the decision-making on the next movements, be they towards the visible and reachable space, or the private spaces that remain hidden until crossing the corridor arriving at the entrance of each of the three bedrooms.

This house is a combination of open and inviting spaces and spaces where the narrative of the private requires some knowledge, thus allowing the concealment of the inhabitants without confining them to the traditional experience of circulation through closed corridors without any narrative.

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