• Customer:
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Paris
  • Sector: Competition
  • Phase: Editor's choice

The evolution of artistic experimentation and the speed of current art iterations transformed the way artists and society interact.

The building is the result of multiple independent and expandable atmospheres, contributing to the development of "subatmospheres", where different arts can coexist and grow. Three main axis (ramps) define the clear route that is disrupted by open galleries or accesses to more enclosed studios.

The different level studios are another way of vertically integrating disciplines without interfering with the individuality of each one, and promoting the brewing of ideas. The simplicity of modular elements makes each 6 faces of the cube available for intervention or configuration.It is possible to choose between opaque or transparent materials/surfaces, that can work as an empty canvas, or simply reduce or increase the amount of natural light.

Certainly, the way arts and trade are made will evolve again and again, and because of that, the proposal focuses on an evolutionary structure composed by modules that allow subassembling, reorganizing, and expansion.

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