• Customer: Privado
  • Area: 344m²
  • Year: 2018-2021
  • Location: Braga
  • Sector: Residential
  • Phase: Built
  • Photographer: Ivo Tavares

Every project is a unique relation between intentions and desires translated into what is expected to be the comfort, the pleasure, and the relaxing sensation to the house’s inhabitants.The couple who owns the house had a clear intention about the social atmospheres. For them, everyone should be visible and part of the family, no matter if cooking, reading, or working from home. On the other hand, they wanted to be comfortable at night without feeling uneased by shadows and exterior movements.

Peoples’ fluidity through spaces, both horizontally and vertically, is connected by virtue of this core space, where the ceiling wood turns and becomes the floor finish of the level above. This game between continuity and transition allows the natural light to disperse into the horizontal planes, both floor and ceiling, converging into a gradient between social and leisure spaces and rest spaces.

During the day we can see the natural light reflecting and guiding the inhabitants to the more comfortable areas of house, while during the night the artificial light is placed in strategic places to extend the warm feeling. The confidence and security are achieved with light reflecting on the wood, which makes the entire first level a light box that invites exploration, while the game between darker surfaces and smaller openings makes the upper level spaces quieter and secure, nonetheless without creating the sense of a small space.

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