• Customer: Young architects competitions
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Loano, Italy
  • Sector: Competition
  • Phase: Finalists

Our proposal creates an intervention on both open and closed spaces, while maintaining the same language to absorb the existing buildings with the use of a cocoon as a facade. These mediations peak the visual interest of those who are arriving at the marina, by foot or by boat, but more interestingly it promotes the interaction with the different volumes, inviting guests to explore materials, textures, colours, and objects.

Being so close to the sea also alerts us to the pressing issues regarding pollution, therefore we designed the cocoon of some of the buildings as a structure that reuses fishing ropes removed from the ocean while it creates solar protection. 

Reusing materials has economical and environmental advantages. When designing the new Leisure Harbor we were very conscious about these points. We propose using wood from decommissioned boats and buildings to create the promenade platforms. We appreciate the blend of histories being re-written by giving them a second chance, and it would be possible to apply the same treatment to all wood from different origins to ensure a cohesive look.

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