• Customer: Privado
  • Area: 180m²
  • Year: 2017-2019
  • Location: Celorico de Basto
  • Sector: Refurbishment
  • Phase: built

This family home formerly reserved the lower floor for the cellar and the animals. Upstairs there were three bedrooms, three living rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, all in 90m². Its size and distribution did not meet current standards.

With the national road on one side and the valley on the other, privacy and acoustic comfort were guaranteed with the conversion of doors into windows on the facade facing the street. On the opposite facade, a new balcony in metallic structure complements the new doors, one for each room. The shape remained unchanged, but the spaces result from the interpretation of what will be a weekend home for family and friends.

The entrance floor serves the private areas, while the lower floor is occupied by living room, dining and kitchen areas. The open space creates amplitude that the original excess of compartmentation did not have. This new horizontal dimension is further amplified by the increase in the size of the openings that connect the inhabitant with the landscape surroundings.

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