• Customer: Young Architects Competitions
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Turin, Italy
  • Sector: Competition
  • Phase: Finalists

At the foot of the Alps nearby Turin, in one of the most significant districts in the history of European sport, a vast area capable of hosting an ambitious dream: the creation of an arena and its sport citadel. Designing an area [for sport] means creating a sanctuary for the display of the sporting spectacle. Moreover, it means giving a reference to the community. It means creating a place where people fee hope and rejoice, are moved and share memorable memories.

As in nature, where there aren’t perfectly dened boundaries, every person has a unique way to explore a space, hence our vision for the Citadel does not have a formal frontier, encouraging athletes to work on their focus, inspiration, awareness, among other habits needed to excel in sports.

With that in mind the buildings are like mountains going up and down allowing people to go above and under. The structures are in continuity leading the way to the arena, where the true competition will take place. Our main concern was to allow different experiences to diverse groups and ages. Accordingly, the classrooms are situated near the stadium so there is a visual connection, helping students visualize what they are working for, while visitors will have the opportunity to see inside the arena when they use the lateral galleries. Thus, we are inviting people to explore all the dimensions of a community. There are spaces to walk together, run at their own pace, ride a bike side by side, or even climb buildings for the most adventurous. 

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